Peri Bigogno - Talento Brut Millesimato 46. 2013 - Wine distributed by Beviamo International in Houston, TX

Talento Brut Millesimato 46, 2017


Peri Bigogno

Peri Bigogno Talento Brut Millesimato 46 is an exceptional sparkling wine that is sure to elevate any occasion. With its clear, bright straw-colored yellow and golden reflections, and a fine perlage that is both persistent and abundant, this wine is a true feast for the senses.

Thanks to its rich and important structure and long processing, Peri Bigogno Talento Brut Millesimato 46 offers a vivid and full bouquet, rich, harmonious, and persistent, with a characteristic perfume of bread crust and delicate notes of dry fruits such as almond, hazelnut, dry figs, and spices like cloves.

On the palate, this sparkling wine is dry, savory, fresh, and smooth, recalling the delicate sensation of silk. With its great structure, fine and balanced taste, and velvety, harmonious finish, it's perfect for the whole meal, especially aromatic vegetable or fish dishes, caviar, or smoked salmon.

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