John Maglione

With over a decade of experience in the beverage industry, and a full understanding of the different channels of distribution and retail, John is excited to join the Beviamo team due to our growing portfolio of exceptional wine.

His Cultural Anthropology studies in college were both a unique and natural transition for working in the wine business - not only in wine tourism, built also in working as a supplier partner for a big distributor and representing individual boutique wineries. Customers appreciate his friendly disposition, and he is so well respected by those with whom he conducts business, it is not uncommon for him to receive invitations to homes of his customers for holiday celebrations, graduations and birthday parties – warmly welcomed due to his family not living in Texas!

Having grown up and studied in California near the Pacific Ocean, a crisp cool white wine reminds John of a sunset over the water and Hawaiian shirts on a Friday. His love of cooking and pairing wine stems back to Sunday Suppers with his family, the smell of ‘Nana’s sauce’ in the kitchen growing up, and of red wine always on the table. To ensure enhanced dining experiences, he consistently considers and balances smells, textures and flavors in both food and wine. John enjoys trying to dissect a glass of thick bodied, soft tannic, fruit forward red wine, practicing with real valor to understand the nuances of a wine varietal.

For his entrepreneurial influence John listens to the How I Built This podcast; for learning wine, he recommends The Unknown WineCaster on YouTube; and lastly, for his love of sports he checks in with The Jungle - Jim Rome’s Daily Sports Takes. Outside of work. John plays guitar and writes songs, and when bars have an open mic night, he isn’t shy about performing.

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