Pratello - Sant'Emiliano Chiaretto Garda Classico Rosé, 2019 - Wine Sales & Distribution - Houston, TX - Beviamo International

Sant'Emiliano Chiaretto Rosé D.O.C., 2019



Indulge in the sensory delight of Pratello Sant'Emiliano Chiaretto Rosato. Its harmonious aroma ranging from almond blossom to banana, cedar, and golden apple, along with its pink cherry color and shiny ruby reflections, make it an irresistible choice.

Experience the sharpness of the taste of fresh grapes cultivated in the right place with a smooth taste and slight bitterness reminiscent of bitter almonds. Its round and healthy primary compounds add to its charm, while its lightness and freshness make it the perfect complement to fish, fresh sausages, pizzas and calzones, risotto with vegetables, sweetbreads, fried vegetables, and light summer dishes.

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