Luogotenente, 2018

Luogotenente, 2018


Graf Toggenburg

Unleash the captivating allure of Graf Toggenburg Luogotenente. Crafted with utmost precision, only the finest grapes, hand-picked in pristine condition, undergo a meticulous drying process for 1-2 months in a protected room. Rooted in rich soils, this full-bodied masterpiece flourishes. The maceration period of approximately 14 days, coupled with malolactic acid conversion, yields a wine of exceptional depth. Aged for six months in previously used wooden casks, followed by an additional six months in steel tanks, it achieves a perfect balance. Bottle-aged for half a year, it reaches its pinnacle.

Dressed in a bright garnet red hue of remarkable density, it entices with a powerful yet elegant nose, revealing a tapestry of sensitivity. The Fogliatonda grape lends this wine lush and velvety tannins, gracing the palate with a divine touch.

Indulge in its splendor alongside a grilled steak, braised meat dishes, a game goulash, or a lamb tajine. Graf Toggenburg Luogotenente is the epitome of refined taste, captivating both the senses and the soul.

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