Alano, 2020

Alano, 2020


Graf Toggenburg

Grown on the picturesque hillsides of Vigna della Casa, Vigna del Virginio, and Vigna del Cipresso, this Sangiovese Cuvee thrives in diverse soils and orientations. Meticulously hand-harvested, it undergoes fermentation with pure-culture yeasts in steel and concrete tanks, followed by malolactic conversion. Aged for three months in barrique and tonneau-type casks, it attains perfection.

With a bright, vibrant ruby red color, its nose exudes pleasant, fresh, and fruity aromas. On the palate, it offers a harmonious and balanced experience—a truly remarkable wine in its simplicity. Enjoy it at 15-18°C to savor every nuance. Pair it with any meal throughout the year, whether it's pizza, pasta, or succulent meat dishes. Graf Toffenburg Alano is the epitome of delightful, fresh, and fruity indulgence.

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