Stephanie Powell

Stephanie Powell is an experienced Business Development Manager with over 10 years’ experience in the Alcohol and Beverage industry. She began her career as the Brand Ambassador for Patrón Spirits where she was responsible not only for sales and marketing, but also for managing key relationships and growing the company’s Southern California presence. Afterwards, she served as Chain Sales Manager representing states including Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas for ready to drink packaged beverages. Stephanie managed multiple distributors and chain sales, and most importantly had a direct impact on assisting upper management with developing marketing strategies on a national level. When she returned to her home state of Texas, she accepted two other roles as a Regional Manager, first for a sparkling wine cocktail beverage and next for a spirit’s supplier. With her wealth of experience in the alcoholic beverage business, she truly enjoys the industry, appreciates the positive changes she has seen over the years, and is enthused with the opportunity for more growth within the industry at Beviamo.

Stephanie is a Native Houstonian with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University. Her parents relocated to beautiful Southern California, where she spent her 20’s and still visits often. When she is not a work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two wonderful children. As a family, they enjoy outdoor sports and traveling as much as possible. Countries they have traveled include Italy, Spain, Thailand, China, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Honduras and Belize. And she hopes to continue to travel and create many more memories in the future.

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